A template simply holds the information about signature and other components(text field, radio button, etc.) on the document. By using templates, managing reusable documents can be done in a fast and easy way. Template management is avaliable both in Techsign DOC Client interface and Techsign DOC API.

Template Data Model

Template data model is explained below.

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Template Creation

Template creation by using Techsign DOC Web Interface is simply explained in below steps.

1- Click on “CREATE NEW” button and upload template pdf. Add recipients(signers) for signature areas. Then click on “PREPARE THE CONTRACT”.

2- Add signature areas and other components needed. Click on “SAVE AS TEMPLATE”.

3- After step2 template is ready to use. It can be seen by using “CONTRACT TEMPLATES” menu.

_images/template_1.png _images/template_2.png _images/template_3.png